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Load link dynamometer Dynafor™ LLX1 - 20

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Capacities from 500kg to 20t

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Precision force sensor, used to measure forces and indicate loads
Precision: 0,2 % of full scale.
Safety coefficient: minimum 4
Packaging: plastic carrying case
Protection: IP 65 (NEMA 4)
Number height: 18 mm
Protection: IP65 for the sensor
Sensor material: aluminum
Sensitivity to Tº: 0,05% per 10ºC
Delivered with plastic box with 1 verification certificates and operating instruction. Delivered with battery for sensor, without shackles and without hook.
Capacity: max. 20 t
Test load: 30 t
Precision: ± 40 daN
Increment: 10 daN
Weight: 7 kg
Manufacturer: Tractel®

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