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Dynasafe™ HF 31/1A - Mechanical load cell

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Mechanical load cell
This load limiter is specially designed to manage one or two safety thresholds on small and medium capacity overhead travelling cranes.
Capacity: from 200 to 3200 daN
Weight: 0,84 kg
Repeatability: 1% EM
Measurement sensor : 2 integrated micro switches.
Contact 1: 1 NO, 1 NC.
Contact 2: 1 NO, 1 NC.
Connection: electrical cable, 7 conductors.
Calibration system: by screws.
Operating temperature: -30° to +80° C.
Protection degree: I.P 63.
Material: aluminum.
Surface treatment: anodizing.
Wire rope diameter: from 5 to 16 mm

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