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Rescue and rope access by Tractel are components that are used in addition to fall arrest systems, either in order to evacuate a worker, assist a worker, or for intervention, e.g. in order to move on a rope in free space. Under no circumstances may these devices be used as fall arresters.

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  1. Lonja LSD tip Jumar

    LSD "Jumar" lanyard

    Excl. VAT: RON298.03 Incl. VAT: RON354.66
  2. Sac lansare 250 gr

    Saddle bag 250 gr

    Excl. VAT: RON45.16 Incl. VAT: RON53.74
  3. Clema de ascensiune

    Sternal ascent rope clamp

    Excl. VAT: RON415.44 Incl. VAT: RON494.37
  4. Franghie arborist 40 m

    Arborist braided rope, 40 m

    Excl. VAT: RON957.31 Incl. VAT: RON1,139.20
  5. Lonja de ancorare pentru copaci

    Anchor lanyard for trees

    Excl. VAT: RON153.53 Incl. VAT: RON182.70
  6. Sac lansare 350 gr

    Saddle bag 350 gr

    Excl. VAT: RON58.70 Incl. VAT: RON69.85
  7. Clema tip maner de ascensiune

    Ascent handled rope clamp

    Excl. VAT: RON388.34 Incl. VAT: RON462.12
  8. Nod prusic

    Prussik hitch

    Excl. VAT: RON81.28 Incl. VAT: RON96.72
  9. Franghie arborist 30 m

    Arborist braided rope, 30 m

    Excl. VAT: RON758.62 Incl. VAT: RON902.76
  10. Placa de amaraj cu 8 gauri

    Anchor plate

    Excl. VAT: RON185.14 Incl. VAT: RON220.32
    This device directs and distributes the load when performing rescue and load handling operations. Learn More
  11. Maner de ascensiune partea stanga

    Ascent handle - Left side

    Excl. VAT: RON293.51 Incl. VAT: RON349.28
    Made of light aluminum alloy and used on 9 to 12 mm diameter rope. Learn More
  12. Clema de ascensiune

    Ascent clamp

    Excl. VAT: RON76.77 Incl. VAT: RON91.36
    Ascending loop PA, width 20 mm. Learn More

Items 1 to 12 of 14 total

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