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  1. Masa de ridicat mobila BS50

    Mobile lift table BS50

    Regular Price: RON3,842.55

    Excl. VAT: RON2,968.33 Incl. VAT: RON3,532.31

  2. Stivuitor manual ES1011

    Manual stacker ES1011

    Regular Price: RON5,682.18

    Excl. VAT: RON4,431.92 Incl. VAT: RON5,273.98

  3. Dulap metalic pentru depozitare PSB80

    Steel cabinet PSB80

    Regular Price: RON767.42

    Excl. VAT: RON617.45 Incl. VAT: RON734.77

  4. Masa de ridicat mobila BS80D

    Mobile lift table BS80D

    Regular Price: RON5,050.82

    Excl. VAT: RON3,562.91 Incl. VAT: RON4,239.86

  5. Masa de ridicat mobila SX175 din otel inoxidabil

    Mobile lift table SX-175, stainless steel

    Regular Price: RON2,253.28

    Excl. VAT: RON1,687.70 Incl. VAT: RON2,008.36

  6. Cric mecanic cu cremaliera HVS10A

    Mechanical jack HVS10A

    Regular Price: RON2,242.39

    Excl. VAT: RON1,641.96 Incl. VAT: RON1,953.93

  7. Lant antiderapant model Twist 11

    Tire chain model Twist 11

    Regular Price: RON7,467.39

    Excl. VAT: RON5,122.54 Incl. VAT: RON6,095.82

    This type of tire chain is adequate for wheel dimensions: 16.00-24" Learn More
  8. Troliu portabil 500kg

    Portable manual winch J5 - 500 kg

    Regular Price: RON2,585.29

    Excl. VAT: RON1,824.91 Incl. VAT: RON2,171.64

    Portable hand hoist. Working load limit: 500 kg. Learn More
  9. Scripete oscilant EC8

    Swing block EC8-250E18

    Regular Price: RON2,041.02

    Excl. VAT: RON1,641.96 Incl. VAT: RON1,953.93

    Swing blocks for wire rope. Learn More
  10. Scripete cu carlig 8t

    Snatch block with hook ETC8-142E19

    Regular Price: RON2,383.90

    Excl. VAT: RON1,916.38 Incl. VAT: RON2,280.49

    The ETC snatch block has a hook with safety latch for a quick transfer. Learn More
  11. Set echipamente de lucru la inaltime

    Sealing kit

    Regular Price: RON2,182.52

    Excl. VAT: RON1,733.43 Incl. VAT: RON2,062.78

  12. Transpaleta manuala Linde

    Hand pallet truck 2000kg

    Regular Price: RON2,149.87

    Excl. VAT: RON1,358.39 Incl. VAT: RON1,616.48

    Hand pallet truck's fork lenght: 1500 mm. Learn More

Items 1 to 12 of 32 total

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