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HF36-1 Tensile load indicator, 5 tons

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This electronic load cell has been designed to measure the effort applied in a wire rope. The resulting signal is used in a digital monitor controlled by a microprocessor, which corrects the force information according to the wire rope specification.

The Dynarope uses strain gauges to measure the movement of the loadcell. It gives an electrical signal relative to the load applied. The deviation of the wire rope around the load cell produces forces proportional to the forces transmitted through the wire rope.

The digital version of HF36 has the following technical characteristics:
Overload Coefficient: 1,5
Digital display accuracy:
+/- 1% in Special Mode
+/- 2,5 % in Normal Mode
Temperature: from - 20° to + 60°
Material: Anodised aluminum 7075
IP protection: IP 64
Supply: low voltage from the display
Output Signal: frequency to the digital display

The digital model HF36-1 has a 5 tons capacity, and it's designed for wire ropes with the diameter between 5 and 13 mm. Weight of the device: 2 kg.
The complete kit is composed of:
- load cell
- display HF87/T
- leather protection box
- RS232/USB lead7
- lemo cable
- software
- charger
These items can also be ordered separately, according to the user's needs.
Prices on demand.
Manufacturer: Tractel®

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