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Dynasafe™ HF05-3A Load limiter, 1 trip point

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Mechanical load limiters in which plastic deformation of the sensor body is detected by the integrated micro switch.

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Mechanical load limiter

The load cell operates by the movement of metal within its elastic limit. This movement acts on an adjustable switch, giving an "all-or-nothing" signal. Movement is limited by the contact of center's parts.
Safety coefficient: 5
Overload coefficient: 2
Adjustment system: Fine thread screw
Measuring cell: switch
Version with 1 trip: 1 inverter switch 220 Vac/ 4A
Hysteresis (ON/ OFF/ ON): 20 daN

Temperature range: - 30° C to 80° C
Connection: supplied with 2 m lead
Material: stainless steel
Protection class: IP 54
Capacity in fall: max. 2000 kg
Manufacturer: Tractel®

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