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U-shaped platform with roller conveyor

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Marcolift U-shaped with roller conveyor is principally intended to be supplied for use in a working line co-ordinated production system.
In a production system, positioning and collection of pallets or other load carriers can be performed by the lift table. The goods are loaded/unloaded by a fork lift or pallet lifter on to the lift table, then after reaching the correct level, transfers the goods to the working line coordination production conveyor system via the use of a gravity or motor driven roller conveyor mounted on the lift table.
Due to the lift table low height no pit is required in the floor thus reducing installation costs.

Standard features:
- lifting capacity up to 2000 kg
- stroke 800 mm
- platform, space for load carrier 1380 x 850 mm or 1380 x 1050 mm.
Customised solutions to particular requirements can be provided.

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