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Procedure for waiving the purchase


  1. The buyer sends in writing, to the address, a notification bearing the title ”Request to return products as per order no. … of …” including: contact data of the buyer, the number and the date of the order, the number and the date of the invoice issued for that order, the reasons underlying the return request.
  2. The return request must be accompanied by a copy of the fiscal invoice and a copy of the waybill or of the AWB.
  3. After receiving the request, S.C. Elmas S.R.L. will check if the conditions for return are met; if the conditions are met, the request will be approved and will be registered in the system.
  4. Within the next 24-48 hours the buyer will receive a confirmation email containing the registration number of the return and the next steps of the return procedure.
  5. The buyer returns the product in its original package (including the user manual and the accessories, if any) and he/she will include the registration number of the return and the original fiscal invoice together with the original warranty certificate.
  6. After receipt of the product, the personnel of S.C. Elmas S.R.L. will check it and will determine if the request observes the mandatory conditions applicable in the case of waiving a purchase.
  7. The buyer will receive an email which will state the result of the check and, if the conditions mentioned above are met, he/she will be provided with the following variants: refund of the value of the products within 30 days of termination of the contract, replacement of the product with an identical one or replacement with a similar product but of a higher or lower value (if the value of the new product is higher, the buyer will pay the difference and if the value is lower S.C. Elmas S.R.L. will refund the difference).

S.C. Elmas S.R.L. reserves the right to refuse the return of the products in the case of repeated returns, exceedance of the term for waiving the purchase, non-compliance with the conditions of waiving the purchase and/or non-acceptance of transport charges.