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  1. Carabiniera M23

    M23 connector

    Excl. VAT: RON99.82 Incl. VAT: RON118.79
  2. Carabiniera AM53

    Large connector, type AM53

    Excl. VAT: RON451.00 Incl. VAT: RON536.69
  3. Carabiniera AM54

    Large connector, type AM54

    Excl. VAT: RON692.78 Incl. VAT: RON824.41
  4. Carabiniera de aluminiu M12

    Aluminum connector M12

    Excl. VAT: RON60.44 Incl. VAT: RON71.92
    Opening: 17 mm Learn More
  5. Carabiniera de aluminiu M42

    Aluminum connector M42

    Excl. VAT: RON72.07 Incl. VAT: RON85.76
    Opening: 25 mm Learn More
  6. Carabiniera din otel pentru conexiuni permanente M10

    Steel connector M10

    Excl. VAT: RON30.22 Incl. VAT: RON35.96
    Opening: 18 mm Learn More
  7. Carabiniera din otel model M41

    Steel connector M41

    Excl. VAT: RON43.71 Incl. VAT: RON52.01
    Opening: 21 mm Learn More
  8. Carabiniera de aluminiu M22

    Aluminum connector M22

    Excl. VAT: RON114.84 Incl. VAT: RON136.66
    Opening: 24 mm Learn More
  9. Carabiniera de aluminiu M54

    Aluminum connector M54

    Excl. VAT: RON459.37 Incl. VAT: RON546.65
    Opening: 110 mm Learn More
  10. Carabiniera din otel model M32

    Steel connector M32

    Excl. VAT: RON178.54 Incl. VAT: RON212.46
    Opening: 105 mm Learn More
  11. Carabiniera din otel model M53

    Steel connector M53

    Excl. VAT: RON86.02 Incl. VAT: RON102.36
    Opening: 50 mm Learn More
  12. Carabiniera de aluminiu M13

    Aluminum connector M13

    Excl. VAT: RON90.20 Incl. VAT: RON107.34
    Opening: 22 mm Learn More

Items 1 to 12 of 23 total

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