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  1. Transpaleta electrica iso 1.5 t, tip 1133-00

    Electric Pallet Truck 1.5T, type 1133-00

    Excl. VAT: RON10,435.04 Incl. VAT: RON12,417.70
    LINDE Learn More
  2. Transpaleta electrica iso 1.2 t, tip 1131-00

    Electric Pallet Truck 1.2T, type 1131-00

    Excl. VAT: RON9,481.66 Incl. VAT: RON11,283.18
    LINDE Learn More
  3. Palan manual 630 kg cu cordelina

    Manual rope lever hoist 630 kg

    Regular Price: RON1,365.94

    Excl. VAT: RON1,038.76 Incl. VAT: RON1,236.12

    Lifting height: 3 m Learn More
  4. Troliu portabil 500kg

    Portable manual winch J5 - 500 kg

    Regular Price: RON2,579.22

    Excl. VAT: RON1,892.54 Incl. VAT: RON2,252.12

    Portable hand hoist. Working load limit: 500 kg. Learn More
  5. Scripete EJ136 cu carlig

    EJ136 With hook

    Regular Price: RON1,117.59

    Excl. VAT: RON801.60 Incl. VAT: RON953.90

    Medium duty pulley for wire rope Learn More

    Hand rope winch, capacity 650 kg, with foldable handle

    Regular Price: RON1,089.37

    Excl. VAT: RON882.24 Incl. VAT: RON1,049.87

    Hand rope winch, with adjustable crank radius. Learn More
  7. Scripete cu cheie de tachelaj 5t

    Snatch block with shackle ETM5-114E14

    Regular Price: RON1,851.37

    Excl. VAT: RON1,513.08 Incl. VAT: RON1,800.57

    The ETM snatch block has a swivel shackle for an optimised and secured anchorage. Learn More
  8. Set echipamente de lucru la inaltime

    Sealing kit

    Regular Price: RON2,698.03

    Excl. VAT: RON1,797.67 Incl. VAT: RON2,139.23

  9. 600 l mobile Diesel tank, with lid

    600 l mobile Diesel tank, with lid

    Regular Price: RON6,688.62

    Excl. VAT: RON4,743.20 Incl. VAT: RON5,644.41

    600 l tank with electric pump 12V, 40 l/min, automatic delivery nozzle and flap lid. Learn More
  10. cric cu roti pentru trailere

    Trailer jack winch

    Regular Price: RON4,803.39

    Excl. VAT: RON3,600.09 Incl. VAT: RON4,284.11

    Admissible static load of the jack is 15 tons Learn More
  11. Scripete cu capacitatea 12,5 tone

    12,5 tons snatch block ETA12-145E23

    Regular Price: RON3,245.53

    Excl. VAT: RON2,651.45 Incl. VAT: RON3,155.23

    Snatch blocks - heavy duty. Learn More
  12. Dispozitiv de masurat sarcini suspendate 200kg

    Handifor™ - 200 Load link dynamometer

    Excl. VAT: RON660.25 Incl. VAT: RON785.70
    Electronic load indicators in a miniature version for the measurement of tensile forces (N) and to determine hanging loads (kg). Learn More

Items 1 to 12 of 32 total

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