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 Specialized technical inspections

  • Annual inspection for height safety equipments (PPE), regardless of their producer
  • Service and check-up of Tractel equipments ( Blocfor B10/ B10 AES/ B5-B6ESD, Derope, Tirak, Tirfor, TU/ T500D, Bravo and Tralift manual chain hoists, etc.)


Design and qualified know-how

  • Projects carried out for the material handling designed with dedicated software
  • Technical projects carried out, necessary documentation for releasing the specifically notice of the material handling equipments
  • Technical support for the projects in the logistic systems field
  • Consulting and qualified offers


Research, development, innovation

  • Mechanical testing laboratory for tensile and compression tests with max. force of 400 kN
  • Hydraulic research laboratory for testing, verification and adjustment activities for various hydraulic devices
  • Resilience test for materials, hardness measurements of metals, microscopic analysis of welded joints geometry, analysis of chemical composition of materials
  • Applied research industrial electronics
  • More details on


Qualified Mounting

  • For each offered product, we assure mounting and commissioning with a qualified and trained personnel
  • Every mounting operation is realized with best mounting projects for a quality execution and according with the most recently domain requirements


Modernization concepts

  • Modernization concepts for cranes and elevators
  • Technical checks


Original spare parts

  • Guaranteed access to original spare parts directly from our stock for all offered products
  • Automated central storage system with up to 150.000 items
  • Special departments created for each category of products, to meet all customer requirements


Service with national coverage

  • You will benefit authorized and operative service equipped with the best logistics and national coverage
  • The specialized service teams offer you qualified support for each category of products
  • We have the best service logistics that offer you the access to a quality and competitive service package


After-sales support

  • Specialized support on after-sales sector for material handling equipments
  • Each one of Elmas products is offered with complete documentations and operating instructions



  • You can also buy the required equipment through the different financial solutions in leasing system