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Transfer of ownership and jurisdiction

The transfer of ownership of goods ordered from the website occurs at the time of the delivery, after the customer makes the payment using one of the methods indicated in the section ”Payment Methods” and stated in the order  (delivery means signature acknowledging receipt on the waybill provided by the courier or on the invoice if the delivery is performed by the seller's personnel). The customer is obliged to take over the goods within the terms and in the conditions of the distance contract.

If the delivery is made by courier, the courier is not allowed by S.C. Elmas S.R.L. to allow the customer to open the packages before signing to acknowledge the receipt but after signing to acknowledge the receipt and after possible payment of their value, except for the service ”Package opened upon delivery”.


All sales performed by the company S.C. Elmas S.R.L. are considered to occur at the company's headquarters in Brașov, B-dul Griviței, Nr. 1Y, which is also the place where the obligation arose or that of the location of payment. Any litigation between customers and S.C. ELMAS S.R.L. will be settled amicably. If the parties fail to settle the dispute amicably, it shall be settled by the competent courts.